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Computer and Monitor Energy Use by Stefanie
May 1, 2008, 9:20 am
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Back when the meme created by Litlove and her son was going around, one of the things I promised to do is to turn off my home computer every night and during the day while I am away at work. It has been going really well and it is not inconvenient at all. Of course, it helps that I have a new computer (working on getting the old one recycled!) that starts up fast.

Yesterday my new computer turning off habit was further justified when I found out how much energy computers and monitors use So if turning off your computer when not in use is something you don’t do, it is a small and easy habit to start and will benefit both your pocketbook and the environment.

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Wow, Stefanie–
Thanks for the link. The amounts are pretty mind boggling. Another easy thing to do is unplug your phone charger (and any other chargers) when not in use. I guess they use quite a lot, even when nothing’s plugged into them and charging. Thanks! TJ

Comment by toujoursjacques

I’ve managed to get my husband, a notorious computer abandoner, to turn it off now rather than let it sleep. I’m delighted, especially given this new information. Thank you for the link, Stefanie!

Comment by litlove

We’ve always turned off our computer before bed, but your post and link are a good reminder of why we do! And yes,I will be joining the challenge very shortly…..haven’t forgotten (as soon as I saw it I knew I was going to) have just had plumbing issues at the house…and yes, we bought the new environmental-friendly ones that use 6 litres each time. hmmm, I wonder if this counts for one of the challenge items??

Comment by Susan

Another very great reason for shutting down (or hibernating) your computer is protection against power surge during thunderstorms. The thunderstorm season will soon begin, and my wife (whose job it is to fix computer problems) will have quite a bit of work replacing fried network adapters, dsl modems, power supplies, mainboards or even whole computers. Insurance policies are often poor, and even if they were correct, this would mean dumping a fine computer => not good at all.

My advice is to find the keyboard shortcut for the hibernation mode (i.e. the whole working context is saved on disk for fast reload afterwards), so that it only takes a couple of seconds to do the right thing.

Comment by mandarine

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