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Not a Real Post, Just Some Technicalities by Emily
April 30, 2008, 6:48 pm
Filed under: Emily

So, if you’ve been following the comments that have been popping up in the comments widget, you’ll see that TJ raised some concerns about identifying who has posted what. I added a categories widget and have added the names of all those of you who have asked to be authors for the blog (you’ll also note the “authors” widget. Ian, you didn’t come up for some reason. We’ll have to figure that out at some point). When you post, please check your name off as a category for the post, so we’ll know you posted.

Here’s some advice from TJ’s comment:

By the way, when participants are ready to post their message and check the category box by their name they may not see it. The list only shows the four or five most recently used categories. But just to the left is a link that says “show all categories” which, when clicked on, will do so.

Oh, and I will continue to add anyone who wants to be an author to the blog, so just let me know. All I need is your email address.

Finally, I am absolutely blown away by how this blog has taken off and how many are supporting it. I promise a real post on my foray into the challenge soon. (Those of you who know me will know that when I set out to do something like this, there is no way it can possibly be anything but funny, so if you were expecting some serious, insightful, truly inspiring posts from me, you may be disappointed. Maybe someone else will post those for you.) Gotta go on the road tomorrow evening, though, so it will probably have to wait till next week.

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