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Joining the EcoJustice Challenge by Cam
April 30, 2008, 7:48 am
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I posted late yesterday on my site about joining this challenge.

The term ecojustice is a new term to me, although the concept is one that agrees with my thoughts on the environment and our obligations to protect and preserve our world while working to eliminate those activities that threaten, harm, and impoverish others by damaging the environment and consuming resources. I’m endeavoring to learn what that means in practicality. How do I put into everyday action what I believe to be the right approach? I don’t have the answers, but I’m willing to learn.

What I posted yesterday was the small, practical actions I’ve taken thus far (canvas grocery bags, replacing incandescent lights, etc), and my current commitment to make use of an energy efficiency kit my local power utility has distributed. You can read my entire post here.

While the Energy Efficiency kit is promoted as a ‘green’ effort as well as one to save money, I intend to think about what the other consequences are to taking such steps. How does turning my water heater down or using my car less often do more than prevent me from being scalded and my checking account from being brutalized by high prices at the pump? Will I use more gas if it costs less than $50 to fill up a tank? Yesterday was the first time I experienced the $50 fillup. Is that the threshold that forces one to change her ways? Maybe for some; for others it might have been $30, or the price where one had to make decisions between food and gas to get to work.

If it is only about the money or one’s personal comfort, I think one’s efforts, while good for the environment, are less likely to be followed. If money were the only issue, it would be easier to not be as concerned. My goal is to think about the consequences of my actions and my consumption patterns and what that means to not only my world, but the world at large. That is why I’ve joined this EcoJustice Challenge site.

posted by Cam

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I very much enjoyed the thoughtfulness of your post, both here and on your blog. You are so right. It can’t only be about money or personal comfort or all is lost. I too try to think more and more carefully about the consequences of my actions, especially consumption patterns. And I think more people are doing so—hence, things like The Compact are catching on. I think changing consumption patterns is the key; the earth and we her inhabitants can’t afford a few flashes in the pan. Thanks! TJ

Comment by toujoursjacques

Unfortunately, it does seem that money is a huge motivating factor for many (which is why, on some levels, I secretly cheer that gasoline prices keep going up and up). You’re so right about it needing to be about more, though. One of the things I want to explore through this challenge is how uncomfortable is it, really, to be doing some of these things? I hope we’ll all see.

Comment by ecojustice08

I know what you mean about money being a motivating factor. I am hoping that for those who are motivated to be greener because of money that they will realize it isn’t that hard and will gradually do more and more that is not motivated by the green of the paper variety.

Comment by Stefanie

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