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April 28, 2008, 4:56 pm
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Here I am back from town and from running a gazillion errands! Because I only use my car three days a week (and I live in the boondocks), it’s really important to bundle all my stops and to have a very well organized list! Since I already limit my driving, eat a lot of local and organic food, and take care with packaging, I chose to challenge myself with #2 and #5 on the ecochallenge list. Wednesday nights will be my lights out night (so that my undisciplined self won’t have to miss the only two commercial network shows I watch—Dancing with the Stars and Ugly Betty). Pathetic, I know :).  Actually, I am really looking forward to the whole lights out experience.

Using less electricity is very important to me because so much of it (still!) comes from coal. A couple of days ago on Toujours Jacques I wrote about mountaintop removal and threw out a little challenge of my own, specific to that particular environmental travesty (there are so many!). I won’t go into it in depth here, but one of the challenge options was to read along with me and post on a book called Coal River: and if you chose option #5 for this Ecojustice08 Challenge and have not yet picked an environmental book to read, or if you’d like to read two, I hope you will consider joining me on Coal River. If you want more details click here.

Good luck everyone, on your own projects! I am excited to hear all about them. TJ

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Oh no, yet another book to read! Oh well, it’s for a good cause, right? Meanwhile, as I near the end of my first week of the ecojustice challenge, I’m doing superbly on eating organic and/or locally (have managed to do so three days this week and probably would have more if we hadn’t been out of town half the week and relying on restaurants) and am still “in discussions” with my husband over which day is going to be early blackout day. Stay tuned for a post soon.

Comment by ecojustice08

quick question. who was that comment from? would it be a good idea to sign posts and comments that come from inside the ecojustice08 blog? sorry. i’m new to most of this stuff. TJ

Comment by toujoursjacques

TJ, that’s me, Emily. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who will come up as “ecojustice08,” as I created an email account specifically for this site. But I’ll try to remember to sign my name as well.

— Emily (batting 1000 on remembering so far)

Comment by ecojustice08

Thank you very much, Emily, for clearing that up for me. And bravo on three days of local and organic eating! It is so hard on the road, isn’t it! Looking forward to your post. TJ

Comment by toujoursjacques

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